Construction of a museum tasting hall

For the development of tourism, it is planned to build a wine tasting hall on the roof of the Yeghegnadzor Geological Museum building entitled “MUSEUM WINE”, which is legally permitted for the museum. It will act as an SNCO.  Annually, the museum has 1400 visitors; consequently, in the case of implementation of the project, it is envisaged that the number of visitors will increase, and the income growth will be directed to the organisation of educational programs and exhibitions. Currently, the total number of employees is 12 people, after the implementation of the project it is planned to reach 14 workers. It is also scheduled to arrange tasting range of  Vazyots Dzor wines, dried fruits, compote, pastry goods, cheese, and herbal teas. Within the framework of the program, it is also proposed to create new wine brand “Yeghegnadzor”. Besides, it is anticipated that the number of tourists will increase in Yeghegnadzor community, which will contribute to the development of infrastructures.

The total cost of the project is — 23, 897.000 AMD.

Contact Information:     

Department of Development, Tourism and Analysis Programs

Tel.: +374281 2 44 38


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