Development of traditional Armenian winemaking and wine tourism promotion

The investment project envisages the restoration and development of the traditional culture of Armenia winemaking in the region of Vayots Dzor. Consequently, the primary purpose is to create a new wine cultural centre in the village of  Aghavnadzor. Moreover, the project is planned to be implemented in the following main directions; the creation of wine house, establish the wine testing hall, internal and external tourism development, presentation of traditional cuisine and wine, as well as centre will have educational, scientific and cultural directions.

The construction duration of the project is 1-1.5 years, and the cost of the investment project is — 230,000 USD, of which own investment is 30,000 USD (building, area. etc.).

At the beginning of the project it is planned to create 10, and at the end — 25 workplaces.

The annual profitability of the program will make up 60,000 USD, and the payback period is three years and four months.

Contact Information:     

Department of Development, Tourism and Analysis Programs

Tel.: +374281 2 44 38


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