The direction of increasing goat production and goat milk production in Vayots Dzor region

The primary goal of the project is to create and develop pedigree goat breeding in the republic, as well as to increase the production of goat milk and provide farms with breeding cattle. It is planned to expand the existing enterprise with the support of Vayots Dzor regional administration, Vernashen community, Gladzor locality. Moreover, the program will be implemented with “ARID” Goat Breeding Center.  Also, the centre is a component of the goat breeding program, which directly coordinates programmatic activates with farmers. Furthermore, the centre is unique in the region, which has begun its activity with the direct support of the Ministry of Agriculture. Since 2000 in the centre of breeding goats – 30 head of goats imported from the United States, 20 herdsmen, four races of great American dairy breeds such as Alpine, Zanen, Nubian and Togenenberg generations.

The total amount required for the project implementation is — 47,337.000 AMD.

Contact Information:     

Department of Development, Tourism and Analysis Programs

Tel.: +374281 2 44 38


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