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Business Projects

Recycling of used wheels

In the frameworks of the program a tire recycling factory, that will help to clean the environment from rubber and waste.The company is currently supplying commodity to companies, that product rubber tiles and sports floors, and as a result of the project it will recycle used tires and rubber waste, which is currently being imported because of the lack of raw materials.As a result of the project it is planned to create 10-15 jobs.The products will be sold in local market, and also in Georgia.
The cost of the project is 18,606,580 AMD and the repayment period is 3 years.

Contact Information:     

Manukyan, A. Safaryan

Address: Vayots Dzor Marz, Vayk

Tel., +374 94 55 81 88

Modernisation of Gyumri Sports and Cultural Center

The Gyumri sports and cultural centre is the only one in the city and the region with a professional concert hall for 650 spectators. Furthermore, to make full use of the hall and adjacent structures, it is necessary to modernise the equipment, reconstruct the building as well as the renovation of real estate.

The total cost of the investment project is 130,000.000 AMD, of which 30,000.000 AMD is own investment of the organisation, and the payback period is 4.5 years.

Currently, Gyumri sports and cultural centre has 18 employees, and in the case of project implementation, their number is conceived to increase by 15-20 people.

Contact Information: 

Hrachik Khachatryan

Address: Gyumri, Kurghinyan street 1

Telephone — 374 98 18 56 77

Promotion of “Business Models” as a guarantee of the development of Sarapat community

It is envisaged to implement a pilot program in the Sarapat community of Shirak region, which will introduce a sustainable business development model and its application will allow the community to earn income, promote environmental protection and local education and training. According to the project, the selection of Sarapat community was based on the following; first of all, the community has excellent potential for developing both the population and among young people,  becoming a winter recreation area or a sports complex. Also, the famous waterfall Trchkani is also located near the community of Sarapat, which has a great interest for tourists and requires constant attention and control. Thus, it is proposed to create a tourist business centre in Sarapat community. Besides, the investment project will be implemented by the newly established enterprise, which is founded by the Compass Research, Education and Consulting Center, NGO is based on their statutory goals.

The total cost of the investment project is 10,000.000 AMD, of which 2,000.000 AMD is own investment of the organisation.

As a result of the project implementation — 7 jobs will be created.

Contact Information: 

“Compass supporting group”

Gharib Harutyunyan

Tel., + 37493 97 29 93


Restoration of rest area “Kapsi-Dzor Resort”

With the implementation of the project, it is envisaged to restore the rest area “Kapsi Dzor Resort” LLC, this time with a new range of services and modern entertainment and the renamed “Kapsi Resort” brand.  Also, the resort has about 2 hectares of land, as well as the hotel area, cattle barn, artificial pond, sauna, forest, and pavilions which can be used for special activities, providing new services.  According to the program, the total profitability of the project is 26.1%, and the payback period is six months.

About 15 new jobs will be created.

The amount of investment required for the project implementation is — 43,000.000 AMD.

Contact Information:

Address: Shirak region, Marmashen community

Ludvik Sargsyan

Tel., + 37493 00 70 02

Expansion of bread production in Artik and Ani towns

The investment project is planned to be implemented in Artik and Ani towns of Shirak region by “Utami Hats” LLC.  Within the framework of the project, it is envisaged to expand the production of bakery products of  “Utami Hats” LLC. At present, the company produces “matnakash bread”, after the investment, it will produce “tonri lavash”, “coffee bread” and buckwheat. Besides, bread can be delivered to Artik and Maralik.

Currently, the company employs three people, and in the case of implementation of the investment project, it is conceived to increase the number of employees by 8-10 people.

The investment amount required for the project implementation is 12,000.000 AMD.

Also, we expect the government’s support of up to 6% interest loans with repayment of 10 years.

Contact Information:

Owner: Rostom Khachatryan

Tel., +374 77 22 22 45


Water bottling plant in Sarapat community

According to the project, it is envisaged to engage in drinking natural spring water bottling in Saratapat village of Shirak region, as well as to produce organic lemonade. Sufficient water resources are available for the organisation of production. Besides, there are suitable building conditions for the workshop: 107 m2 manufactory, and 38 m2 warehouse. Moreover, the enterprise has not acted in the past, the initiative is new, and the products will be sold in Armenia and exported to Russia.

The total amount required for the project implementation is  30,000.000 AMD of which own investment is 10,000.000 AMD.

The expected number of employees is 10-12 people.

Contact Information:


Address: Shirak region, village Sarapat

Owner: Arman Gevorgyan

Tel .: + 374 98 13 15 33


Expansion of fish farming “Cherkese Dzor”

The investment project is planned to be implemented in Gyumri, Shirak region by “Khayd Ishkhan” LLC, which started its first steps in 1999. In the local market, the “Khayd Ishkhan” LLC with the  “Cherkesi Dzor” trademark has become known in Armenia and abroad due to its activities, which are mainly of four types: fish caviar production (80% of products were exported to Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Georgia), manufacture and export of fish products, small fish production as well as fish processing and restaurant activities.

Within the framework of the project, it is envisaged to expand the activities of “Khayd Ishkhan” LLC, building a hotel complex, sauna, swimming pool, (fitness, yoga) as well as bicycle paths connecting with the city centre.

The required volume of investment is — 5 million USD.

Contact Information:

Department of Development Programs, Tourism and Analysis

Telephone — +374 312 4 90 00 124


Cattle, small cattle, pork and meat processing

“Kumayri Meat Products” company, as a small producer of meat products (sausage production), is planning to expand its activities and aimed to build a slaughterhouse in the Akhuryan of Shirak region.

The amount required for the project is — 35 million AMD.

Approximately 50 million AMD has already been invested (for construction 1600 m2, equipment, etc.).

At present, the number of employees is two people, and as a result of the investment is expected to create new 14 jobs.

Contact Information:   

Shirak region, Azatan Village

Owner: Aram Harutyunyan

Phone: +37477-01-13-99


Export promotion through the website-portal

Through the implementation of the project, it is recommended to create a website-portal, which will contain a professional translation of 5 languages (Armenian, Russian, English, Persian, and Georgian) on products and services produced in small and medium enterprises in Shirak region. Later the territory of the whole republic and Artsakh will be included.

The amount of investment required for the project is  — 78,500 USD per year.

Currently, the company’s staff consists of only the director.  As a result of increased workload and expansion of operations, there will be a need to involve new specialists, and the number of employees will reach 15 people.

Contact Information: 

“G-M-M Distribution“ LTD

Shirak region, Gyumri Independence Square 4/7

Owned by Artyom Mkhitaryan

Telephone +374 93 19 41 98


Expansion of dried fruit production in Shirak region

“Gevorg-Arshak” LTD is engaged in dried fruit production in 2016, mainly producing apricots, prunes and dried peaches, with the brand “ECO WINTER FRUIT”. Consumer markets are the supermarkets, markets and restaurants of Shirak region of Armenia. Besides, activities are underway to acquire markets in the Russian Federation and the European Union.

The investment project envisages expanding the enterprise, for which the total cost of the project is 7,000.000 AMD.

Currently, the number of employees in the company is 10, and after the investment, it is planned to increase the number to 20 people. The project’s payback period is up to 7 years.

Contact Information:      

Shirak region, Artik, Shirakatsi 29

Owner: Anushavan Grigoryan

Telephone — +37443 81 41 30, +37496 81 41 30, +37455 50 33 24

E-mail: ,


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