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Business Projects

Establishment of tractor station in Lori region

In three major regions of the Lori Marz, Spitak, Stepanavan and Tumanyan, it is planned to set up MTS (machine-tractor stations). Also, according to the program, the primary consumers will be individual villagers, farmers and rural communities of the Lori region. Among the proposed services it is also envisaged to provide services for insolvent farmers on credit, in the form of products, after harvesting or by a previously signed contract. Besides, the company “Chinvan” LLC makes its contribution 147,487.950 AMD (in the form of fixed assets

The amount required for the project implementation is — 1,250.000 USD.

In the case of the project implementation, about 130 new jobs will be created, and the payback period is 5.4 years.

Contact Information: 

“Chinvan” LLC

S. Najaryan

Telephone — 094 010810



The organisation of peat mining and peat bricks, grain and peat fertilisers

In the case of an investment project, it is planned to organise the production of alternative energy sources on natural peat raw materials. For the program implementation, it is proposed to arrange output in one of the prospective deposits of the peat, in the Tashir region of Armenia. Moreover, the peat reserves are around 9 hectares with 360,000 m3.

The amount of the project implementation is — 40,510.000 AMD. Also, the profits from the sale of the peat product, according to the project, will make 4,798.080 AMD/monthly. It is assumed that the invested amount will be refunded within three years. For the proposed program implementation, it is necessary to invest in the acquisition of industrial and working capital for the extraction of peat and its transportation to the processing plant. Furthermore, the project will be realised by “Hayrenik” cooperative after having received financial assistance, which has a successful experience.

Contact Information:   

Tashir, Jahukyan Street, 5, “Hayrenik” Enterprise


Telephone — + 374 77 75 53 44

Establishment of “Arman” poultry factory in Arjahovit community

It is envisaged to establish a poultry farm in the territory of Arjahovit community of Lori region, adjacent to Spitak Vanadzor highway.  Also, there are 3874 m2 buildings fitted to the project area to accommodate 10,000 feathered chickens and 1200 sheep breeders, providing with energy-saving and low-cost products. Production is planned to be carried out with a closed cycle and from local raw materials.

As a result of the project implementation, 20 workplaces will be created and with the enterprise will cooperate with 50 householdսs.

The investment cost of the project is 591,6 million AMD, of which 117,2 million AMD is the required amount.

Contact Information:   

Executive Director, Hamlet Khachatryan

Telephone — +37493 45 23 34

Production of biofuels from vegetable waste

This project envisages re-equipment of the Minatek LLC production in Stepanavan city which is established in 2017, to replace low-productive equipment into high-productive modern facilities of factory production, which will give an opportunity to organise high-quality bio-fuel production both in the form of briquettes and granules as well as the type of pellets. Bio-fuel is an alternative to timber heaters for schools, greenhouses, poultry farms, agricultural raw materials processing plants and other, mainly for boilers with wood.  Also, this project aims to help prevent the destruction of forest resources by humans in the Stepanakert region, as well as improving the social conditions of the citizens through the formulation and implementation of the culture of alternative fuels.

At least eight permanent jobs will be created by the introduction of modern production capacities of the biofuels, and around ten temporary jobs (suppliers of raw materials, ready-made production providers, etc.).

The total cost of the investment project is — 26,6 million AMD.

Contact Information: 

“Minatek” LLC, Karine Soghoyan

Telephone — +37491 41 63 02

Expansion of alcoholic beverages production

The project will be implemented in Ptghni village, Kotayk region, by Rukar-Group LLC, which produces and sells fruit vodkas, infusions and other alcoholic drinks. Besides, the project envisages expanding the production of fruit and berry vodkas, infusions, wines, cognac and other alcoholic beverages and appropriating new products. Moreover, to the above mentioned, the company will gradually test and absorb various types of fruit dried fruits, preserves and other similar products.  The company is equipped with the necessary equipment and apparatus; there are a high-quality distillation and filtration system. Also, the organisation has the necessary containers of fruit oxidation, distilling process, vodka ageing, bottling and labelling of the production line. For further development of production, it is necessary to extend production areas, increase equipment, turnover means, conclude future contracts with prospective buyers with reliable gardeners, paying required advance payments, and in the future, if possible, to acquire and exploit fruit orchards. In the production process, it is planned to obtain and use high-quality fruits of Tavush region, whose share in total purchases will be up to 70 per cent.

At present 15 permanent and 55 seasonal employees are working in the company (during the harvest, processing and production of fruits).

During the project, the number of employees will reach 200-500 people.

For the project implementation, the company needs 201,000.000 AMD.

Contact Information: 

Ruben Abrahamyan

Telephone — +374 91 00 08 61


Expansion of “A. Osipyan” LLC engaged in bottle production

The project is planned to be implemented in Abovyan, Kotayk Marz, “A. Osipyan”, which works for rent for about 30 years. It is engaged in the production of glass shaped and standard bottles.  Besides, the product has consumed not only Armenian wine and brandy producers and about 12 countries producing wine and brandy. Over the past three years, the organisation has been building a more substantial building than its rented space, which will help to increase production volumes.

As a result of the project implementation, 60-80 new jobs will be created.

The total amount required for the project implementation is 890,0 million AMD  and about 385,0 million AMD is own investment.

Contact Information:

Ashot Osipyan

Telephone — +374 91 43 57 62

Organization of production of fuel from biomass in Bjni village

The project envisages the organisation of the production of biofuels (pellets) and from grass (straw) in the village of Bzhni, Kotayk region. It is planned to produce pellet heaters in the mechanical workshop, which will be placed in Hrazdan, Chanatsavan, Sevan, as well as nearby villages for demonstration purposes. Also, It is proposed to sell or supply the furnaces to the user provided that they have to buy a pallet from a company that pays the cost of the heater within one year. In 2016, one of these furnaces has already been prepared and tested. Within the framework of the project, non-cultivated lands will be leased, where grassland work will be carried out to incomparably reducing the cost.

As a result of the project implementation, 5-12 new jobs will be created.

The amount required for the project implementation is — 10,0 million AMD.


Contact Information:  

Varazdat Sargsyan

Telephone — + 374 95 00 50 14


Tourism Development in Bjni Village, Kotayk Region

The project envisages setting up two rooms (B&B) nightclub for rural tourism development in Bjni village of Kotayk region, building summer pavilions, swimming pools and creating conditions for fishing and hiking. Besides, the hiking trail will be the 5-kilometre-long path to walk through the mountains and horse riding. The B&B will be created on the first floor of the owner’s house.

The total amount required for the project implementation is — 6 million AMD.

Contact Information: 

Varazdat Sargsyan

Telephone — + 374 95 00 50 14


Establishment of Technology Center in Charentsavan

The project is planned to be implemented in Charentsavan community of Kotayk marz. A technology centre will be built within the framework of the project, and the primary function of which will be the production of software.

About 15 new jobs will be created at the Technology Center.

The program requires — 200,000 USD.


Contact Information: 

Ashot Tserunyan,

Head of  Charentsavan Community Development Programs and Information Technology Department

Telephone — + 374 93 52 91 74


Construction of a ropeway in Garni

The program will be implemented in Garni community of Kotayk region. Within the framework of the project, a ropeway is to be constructed from the nearby Garni pagan temple to Jutakasar, Havuch Tar and Geghardavank.  Also, the ropeway can serve up to 1000 passengers daily, as a result of which the daily profitability will make up 8,000.000 AMD. The service charge will be more affordable than motor vehicle passenger transportation.

As a result of the project implementation, about 40 jobs will be created.

The amount needed to implement the project is 21,0 million Euros.

Contact Information:  

Aharon Sahakyan

Telephone — +374 98 03 92 22


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